Better flood protection in Horry County starts with action

We amplify the power of our members' voices to demand and receive better flood protection




roads closed for more than 7 days in February/March 2021

16th place

out of 16 South Carolina coastal counties in flood readiness

1 in 3

Horry County properties has serious flood risk

4-5 years

behind on cleaning ditches

“In February of this year, over 100 Horry County roads were flooded for more than a week.  These flood stories are so crazy they are hard to believe.”

Hear the voices of flood survivors from Horry County, South Carolina on what frequent floods took from them and take action.


Socastee neighborhood was flooded over 15 days and cars couldn’t leave. 

I'm supposed to be in an ankle cast right now because I just recently had ankle surgery.  Can't wear it, because I have to wear wading boots. 

Half the people back there don't have sewer.

- Russ Barfield, Socastee Resident

Russ Barfield


Streamer Trace Neighborhood was flooded for 20 days and people had to paddle kayaks to their vehicles parked one mile away just to get groceries.

There's all the neighborhood cars, I'm sure you saw when you came in.  So, that's just ripe for someone thinking about robbing a car, because there's no one watching it and there's no way we can watch our vehicles.  

- Emily Heeren & Donna Nelson, Streamer Trace Residents

Emily Heeren + Donna Nelson


This video shows Pitch Landing resident Whitney Hall taking a Jon boat down her street!

We don't have any hot water.

We don't have any cable, we don't have any Wi Fi.

Can't take the dogs out.

- Whitney Hall, Pitch Landing resident

Whitney Hall



We WonCH4@5x-1

When we come together, we win

Fear of the next flood makes many people feel helpless and ignored.  But, when we come together in one, loud voice we win!  Because of people like you making their voice heard, Horry County now has some of the highest building elevation standards in South Carolina! 

Check here to check it out


Our Work Is Not Over!

Horry has had three "500-year storms" in 5 years. 55,825 properties are at risk of flooding in the next storm. And there's still no plan to protect them.

The County has said they've been working on a flood protection plan for more than two years. Why haven't we seen it? It's time for us to make some noise to push the County to publish the plan.



We demand change

Johnny Gardner, Chairman of Horry County Council asked April O’Leary, founder of Horry County Rising, to serve on the county’s Special Flood Committee.

In response, we hand-delivered a letter to Chairman Gardner outlining the details of what our organization considers a serious flood resiliency plan prior to accepting the invitation to serve on the committee.

Read the letter